How Does RevuCue Work?

Input the customer's information into RevuCue by using the app on your phone or tablet, or by logging in on a computer.

RevuCue sends an email to your customer, prompting them to rate their experience.

If the customer leaves a 1-3 star rating, the review is recorded internally within the RevuCue app. If the customer leaves a 4-5 star rating, they are taken to a popular review site to publish their experience with your brand.

Once your customer has reviewed and rated your business, they automatically receive a Reward Email from your company. Use this email to reward your customer with a coupon or incentive for taking the time to review your company or to simply thank them.

No matter the outcome of a customer review, the RevuCue customer relationship management system organizes all of your ratings in one central location.

If by chance the customer does not review your business, they are sent a follow-up email prompting them once again to review their experience.

Use the information collected from RevuCue to expand your business and guarantee a superb customer experience.

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Timing is Everything

The key to getting a customer to review your business is to ask at the peak time in your transaction process. Whether that’s face-to-face or weeks into the service, RevuCue can be customized to send a review request to a customer at the perfect time for your business. On average RevuCue gets 36% of all customers entered to respond, and has been able to get companies like yours more reviews than any other system or traditional tactic.

92% + = $$$

92% of consumers said they would use a local business with a 4 star or higher rating.

Capitalize On Your Great Reputation With Customer Reviews

Statistically, a business with a great online reputation stands a better chance of earning new customers.

Customer reviews act as positive word of mouth marketing for your business.

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Analyze Customer Data for Future Success

RevuCue captures crucial customer information and additional data in our integrated CRM system. You can send out promotions, offers, and reminders to customers you have stored in the system — opening up the door to countless sales and marketing opportunities.

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