The Martial Art of Reviews

You have the best dojo in town. When people step on your mats, they learn how to fight and defend themselves, as well as learn the philosophy behind the fists. But everyone may not know how well you do that. Choosing a Martial Arts school isn’t like choosing where to eat for dinner. It involves a commitment and requires more thought to be put into making a decision. And more thought means more research. More research means looking at online reviews. So what is your online reputation? Do you even have one? Even the best businesses struggle with either getting an online reputation or making it a good one. Here are a few tips to getting your online presence right where you want it.

The Importance of Your Online Reputation

In the modern world, technology and the internet have a large effect on our lives and more importantly on our businesses. Even Martial Arts schools are not free from an online reputation. Since most people use the internet to make purchasing decisions, an online reputation is a valuable asset to maintain. If your business has too many negative reviews or no reviews at all,  it is more likely to be skipped over when it comes to the purchasing decision. That is why maintaining a positive online reputation is important to have a successful school. A good reputation equals more students.

Improve by Increasing the Positive

The simplest way to improve your online reputation is by getting more positive reviews. This process could be easy if your school is naturally pleasing. With good service, comes positive experiences, which will yield positive reviews. All you have to do is ask for them and provide an easy way for your students to give you a review. If several of your students are not happy and decide to leave you negative reviews, the best way to remedy that negativity is to drown it out with more positive.

Asking is the Best Policy

The good thing about martial arts is the sense of respect a pupil has for their Sensei. This makes asking a little easier. After a class or when a student leaves your school, simply ask them to review their experience learning martial arts under your instruction. Request it politely and tell them how their review will help you directly (bring other students to the school).

Why You Need More Reviews

Aside from creating a reputation online, another reason you should ask for more reviews is to drown out any bad reviews. Bad reviews are inevitable. They happen to even the best business, and it’s just a matter of time before you end up with one. Rather than get offended by them, use them as a way to improve your school. The more positive reviews you have, the less detrimental the negative reviews will be.

Generate More Reviews with a Review Service

The easiest way to get more positive online reviews is to use a service like RevuCue that allows you to ask your students for a review in an easy-to-follow process and hides any reviews under three stars. Master your online reputation today by signing up for a two-week free trial of RevuCue.