The Key to Controlling Both Pests and Reviews

Pest control is not the most glamorous job in the world, but it is a necessary one. Everyone needs saving from a swarm or infestation at one point or another. Some of those people will leave reviews about your pest control business and some may not. The reviews those customers leave can be useful to the success of your business. You can utilize them in various ways to improve your company by taking the information found in those reviews and applying it.

Why Care About Reviews?

Before diving into how to utilize reviews for the betterment of your company, we need to understand why reviews are important. The main reason you should care bout reviews is that they are a representation of your company. Reviews equal your reputation. When a potential customer scans the internet for a pest control specialist to help take care of their infestation problem, they want to choose someone they can have confidence in. The only way for them to know if they can trust you or not is by your reviews. The more you have and the higher rating you have, the more likely they are to choose you over another pest control company.

Good Reviews

Now let’s move on to how good reviews can help your business succeed. Positive reviews work in two ways: to increase the legitimacy of your business and service and to drown out negative reviews. When customers are looking for a pest control specialist, they will be more likely to use your services because your reviews reflect past customer satisfaction. They also will be less likely to see, or pay attention to, negative feedback left about your service. If you have 2 bad reviews out of 5 total, your average star rating will be much lower than if you have 2 bad out of 30 total. Bad reviews are going to happen, but good reviews can help cancel them out. The more good reviews you have, the less detrimental bad reviews are to your overall reputation.

Bad Reviews

It’s actually okay to get a bad review every once in a while. Why? Because they provide constructive feedback for you to better your service. They let you know what’s not working for your customers and tell you how you can improve to give them a 5-star experience the next time. Also, people are more likely to trust a business who has at least a few bad remarks rather than one who has none—people know no one is that perfect and will be suspicious you’re being dishonest with your review system.

Manage Your Reviews with RevuCue

Whether it’s a good review improving your online ratings or if it’s a bad one helping you learn from your mistakes, reviews are vital to a company’s success. That’s why we suggest trying RevuCue, an online review system that makes the process easy for you and your customers. Kill bugs, not time by signing up for a free two-week trial of RevuCue that lets you decide if RevuCue works for you without spending any money.