Online Reviews-How to Boost Your School’s Ranking without Optimization

Online reviews don’t affect just people. They affect how people find you as well. I’m not talking about just how they discover you on review sites. They can actually help you when it comes to Google (or people) looking for a martial arts school. Or any business, really. Typically, ranking high on Google takes someone who understands how to optimize your website for search engines—SEO. If you don’t already know how to do that, it can get expensive to either hire or outsource the job to someone who can help.

According to a survey performed by MOZ, online reviews rank 5th in factors that affect how Google ranks its search results and is one of the easiest to implement as a martial arts teacher. No one expects you to have the knowledge or budget to afford SEO. That’s how online reviews can help. While these reviews won’t necessarily be the same as organically optimizing your site, they definitely boost your visibility to search engines and lead more students to you by giving Google what it wants to see: plenty reviews, continual reviews, and relevant keywords within those reviews.

Quantity Affects Ranking

As determined in the study mentioned above, a business needs between 7 to 10 reviews for Google to even consider ranking you near the top. Realistically, you’ll need more than that to compete with any other schools who have a review strategy. Not to mention, you’ll end up with more reviews due to needing a steady flow of them to stay in Google’s line of vision.

Steady Flow of Relevant Content

Google likes to provide people with relevant content. That means content that is the closest to what they search for as well as content that isn’t old news. It wants to see that your school is still operating and people are still having something to say about it. Online reviews work to boost your ranking the same way blogs do by providing a steady flow of relevant content about you online.

Keywords Catch Attention

Another way online reviews catch Google’s attention is through keywords, which are what people typically implement into their website and everything they write to help Google find them under what they “label” themselves under. You’re a martial arts school. That means all your keywords should be martial arts related. The more often those words appear on anything related to you, the more likely Google will choose you to be a result of one of those search words.

Every time a student reviews your school online, they are adding another keyword for Google to work with. Imagine a review title: “Best martial arts school in town.” People will see it as well as Google. When someone searches for “best martial arts school near me,” or something similar, Google will take all your reviews into consideration and likely put your school on the first page, especially if no other schools are actively trying to get reviews for their school.

RevuCue Can Boost Your School’s Ranking

If you’re looking to rank high on Google, RevuCue can help. RevuCue will help you generate the number of online reviews you need as well as let you choose however many sites you want those reviews to appear on. Just by getting reviews, you are putting yourself above other martial arts schools in the area. Not many have a good strategy to get reviews.

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