Upgrade Your Plan to Accommodate Multiple Business Locations

You know who benefits the most from online reviews? Businesses with multiple locations.

Whether you’re part of a franchise or you’re a successful entrepreneur with several businesses around the region, online reviews have the ability to make or break your business. We took this into consideration when creating RevuCue.

For only $39 per extra location, you can add company locations to your master account. This provides you access to:

Different User Levels

We know your locations have employees of varying authority levels. RevuCue has three user levels:

Super Administrator

Controls all company, location, and user information.

Location Administrator

Controls all location and user information for a singular location.


Controls only their individual review/rating requests and settings

Location-Specific Email Notifications

With a location upgrade, you’ll receive notifications telling you which specific location has received a review. You’ll know in real-time how your company locations are performing.

Control Over Location Review Websites

Since RevuCue enables you to receive reviews on any website, you can pick and choose what websites each location focuses on.

Customize Location Message Templates

We know your locations might have unique brands or goals. With this in mind, we’ve made it so you can customize the different message templates available within RevuCue per location.

Multiple Location Reporting

Get an inside look at how each location is doing with access to ratings, reviews, and more.

Multi-User Reporting

Understand the success rate of each location on a deeper level by knowing exactly how many review requests users send out and their average star rating.

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