How to Get Customers to Care About Reviewing 

Getting reviews can be hard and getting customers to even care about reviewing your business can seem impossible sometimes. From the viewpoint of the customer, they just want the product or service, not to have to take unnecessary time to review your business. It’s the ugly truth. So how can we get customers to care about reviewing? The answer may be more simple than you think. Here are a few ways you can help sway your customers into reviewing your business.

Give Them a Positive Experiences

This is the most basic incentive. Simply give your customers the best experience possible. Whether the positive experience comes from good customer service or a high-quality product, leave your customer with a smile on their face. Looking online, sometimes it seems as though the motivation people have for leaving reviews is, for the majority, negative experiences. When a customer has a bad experience, they want to either harm the company’s reputation or keep other future customers from making the same mistake they did in trusting a business. It’s not alway probable, but for most reasonable customers a positive experience will leave them with a sense of gratitude that can become a strong driving force for reviewing, especially if they’re prompted to do so in an email.

Make the Reviewing Process Easy

The positive experience is just what encourages your customer to feel open to reviewing you. But how easy is it for them to actually do that? So often, overly satisfied customers give up on reviewing a company either because they don’t know how, they forget, or they get confused in the process. Help them out by giving them an easy process like RevuCue, which will prompt them to review your business and guide them through the easy process that won’t take much time out of their day. Just by minimizing stress and time consumption, you’ll end up maximizing your chances of receiving a review.

Offer an Incentive

Another trick of the reviewing trade is to treat your customer with incentives for reviewing your business. You’ve probably seen these on receipts at restaurants that offer a coupon for your next visit and in confirmation emails of an order offering a discount. You can choose to have a raffle-like contest or prizes for the people who review your business. The thing to remember is, you’re not buying “good reviews.” You’re simply incentivizing your customers to review, whether their reviews be good, bad, or somewhere in-between. Keep the reward minimal and related to your company.


One way to make reviewing easy is by using ReuCue. It’s a new and easy way to get more customers to review your company. Simply download it to your phone or tablet and start drawing in new reviews. RevuCue is a great way to get customers to care about reviewing. Try a 14-day free trial today.