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Online Reviews-How to Boost Your School’s Ranking without Optimization

Online reviews don’t affect just people. They affect how people find you as well. I’m not talking about just how they discover you on review sites. They can actually help you when it comes to Google (or people) looking for a martial arts school. Or any business, really. Typically, ranking high on Google takes someone […]

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My Reasons For Not Leaving A Review

I recently took a trip through an organization which allows you to travel to farmsteads across the country and world. You work on the farm in exchange for food and accommodations. With that being said, you’re probably asking yourself what this all has to do with reviews… and the answer is everything! The information you […]

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Why Pay for a Service Like RevuCue?

  First, what is RevuCue? It’s an online application that lets you ask your customers to rate their experience with your business online. But can’t you just ask them verbally for free? Technically, yes. Online reviews are free. So why would you consider paying for a review generating service like RevuCue? Because of how much […]

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Online Reviews: These are the Ads You’ve Been Looking For

Why are these the ads you’ve been looking for? Or at least the ones you hoped existed? Because online reviews provide trustworthy content, don’t cost like ads do, and never go away. They’re the perfect solution for a business who doesn’t have much of a budget to spend on advertising. Let your customers do the […]

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Pest Control Reviews-How Asking Goes a Long Way

We’ve all heard the phrase, “less is more” but when it comes to a small business trying to get reviews, they take on a whole different perspective. It becomes even more important for a business that relies on home-service and personal visits, such as a pest control business. When a service provider can reach only […]

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