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Gaining reviews, although necessary, is not always easy. Businesses oftentimes reach out to their customers to ask them for reviews, even giving them rewards for it, only to receive the cold shoulder. When this happens, regardless of the fact that the business provided excellent service, they could still suffer. If you are a business owner, […]

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Getting W.O.M. to Fight for your Martial Arts School  

In the martial arts business, once your students are off the mats they talk. They spread ideas and opinions. They’re talking about you, your school, and whether it’s worth their time and money. These verbal opinions can end up online as reviews and ratings. This unsolicited speeding of opinions is called Word of Mouth (WOM). […]

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The Key to Controlling Both Pests and Reviews

Pest control is not the most glamorous job in the world, but it is a necessary one. Everyone needs saving from a swarm or infestation at one point or another. Some of those people will leave reviews about your pest control business and some may not. The reviews those customers leave can be useful to […]

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The Martial Art of Reviews

You have the best dojo in town. When people step on your mats, they learn how to fight and defend themselves, as well as learn the philosophy behind the fists. But everyone may not know how well you do that. Choosing a Martial Arts school isn’t like choosing where to eat for dinner. It involves […]

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How to Get Customers to Care About Reviewing 

Getting reviews can be hard and getting customers to even care about reviewing your business can seem impossible sometimes. From the viewpoint of the customer, they just want the product or service, not to have to take unnecessary time to review your business. It’s the ugly truth. So how can we get customers to care […]

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